Handling The Catch

  • Fresh raw-material (seafood) is purchased in auction from the fish market a short distance from our factory.
  • Raw-material is iced and brought to factory in covered vehicles in plastic boxes.

Quality & inspection of catch

  • Raw-material is inspected by our expert quality control department at the factory and all reject is sent back to the supplier.

Factory Process

  • Approved raw-material is allowed inside the factory which is immediately washed and chilled.
  • Chilled raw-material is graded into different sizes.
  • Graded raw-material is weighed and set in freezing trays.
  • Properly graded and weighed raw-material in trays goes in to blast freezer at – 40 deg C and is frozen in blocks in 9 hours.

Final Products

  • Frozen blocks are set in master cartons (10 Kg or 20 Kg). Master Cartons are stored in cold stores set at – 18 deg C for shipment to buyer